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MacOS 9
MS Windows
USD $19.95
$29.99 $69.95 $29.95
Trial Period 50
None 30
Selective filtering; black and white lists
Blocks pop-up and pop-under windows
Blocks banner ads
Blocks flash and shockwave movies
Blocks background music
Blocks applets and plugins
Block JavaScript code when entering and exiting pages
Blocks advertising and tracking cookies
Blocks Referer source and Prefix URL
Blocks WebBugs
Filtering Controls
Filters on PICS ratings
Filters on specific words or phrases
Filters on META tag content
Filters on MIME type, document title and file extension
Filters on image size and dimensions
Filters on domain or host name
Supports bulk loading of host/domain blacklists
Caches documents in fast object database
Caches DNS lookups
Requests and handles compressed content
Supports masquerading as different browser
Works with cascading proxies
Cache viewer; can view and extract documents from cache
Logs all HTTP request and response headers

= Supported       = Filtering Supported only on MacOS X


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