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In order to use SurfFast, you need to complete five steps. Since you are reading this document, it is possible that you have already completed the first two steps. Nonetheless, we will look at all of the steps:

  1. download the SurfFast application
  2. uncompress it anywhere on your computer. It is possible that your browser may be configured to automatically uncompress Stuffit archives; look for the SurfFast folder on your desktop

  3. configure your browser to use SurfFast; click on the icon that represents your operating system:

    Mac OS9

    Mac OSX

  4. launch or execute SurfFast; double-click on the Herbert logo in the uncompressed SurfFast folder.
  5. open your favorite browser and surf away!

If SurfFast does not seem to be working, please check the Problems and Issues section of the FAQ for more information. Or feel free to contact us with more specific details.

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