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  1. What is SurfFast?
  2. How does SurfFast work?
  3. Does SurfFast run on OS9?
  4. My browser also blocks popup windows. Why should I use SurfFast?
  5. Can I configure SurfFast to be the Web proxy server for my entire local network?
  6. Will SurfFast slow down my Web browsing performance?


  1. Will I have to spend a lot of time learning how to configure SurfFast?
  2. I want to use SurfFast to block potentially offensive content. How should I go about doing this?
  3. Does SurfFast work exactly as configured? Does it make mistakes?
  4. How do I enable popup windows from my favorite Web site, while blocking all others?
  5. How can I configure SurfFast to work with our current local Web proxy server?
  6. Can I block advertising banner images based on their dimensions?
  7. One of the sites that I visit uses a cookie to keep track of my login, and enables it for two weeks. Can SurfFast be configured to delete the cookie when I exit from the browser?
  8. When do you update your blacklist and how do you distribute it to your users?
  9. What are WebBugs and Prefix URL?
  10. Can I use SurfFast to masquerade my browser as Internet Explorer on Windows?
  11. How do I prevent other users from changing my SurfFast configuration?

Problems and Issues:

  1. I installed SurfFast, but popup windows and advertising banner images are still there.
  2. I cannot browse the Web at all; I'm getting "Connection Refused" error messages. What should I do?
  3. If I enter "yahoo" in my browser location bar to go to http://www.yahoo.com, I am getting an error. Why is my browser not automatically expanding the URL?
  4. Why are certain Web pages taking longer to load than usual?
  5. After enabling SurfFast, why are there large empty placeholders on all Web pages?

Search Query:

My browser also blocks popup windows. Why should I use SurfFast?
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