LifeGuru releases initial version of SurfFast
Provides users with control over their browsing experience

Pleasanton, California - October 22, 2004 - LifeGuru, Inc. has released the initial version of SurfFast for Macintosh OS 9 and OS X, providing users with an application to control and tailor their Web browsing experience.

SurfFast blocks popup windows, eliminates banner ads, disables flash and shockwave movies, stops background music, removes page and table background images, ignores advertising/tracking cookies, prevents JavaScript code from executing when entering and exiting pages, and filters resources based on their properties and content.

"We are thrilled to release SurfFast, the first application of its kind, to the Macintosh audience. It's ease-of-use, strong feature set and flexible configuration will appeal to a broad range of users, from ones looking to simply avoid popup windows to others wanting to block explicit content or increase their Web browsing performance," said S.C. Rao, the Project Manager for SurfFast.

Pricing and Availability

Version 1.0 of SurfFast is available immediately, and requires CarbonLib 1.4 or higher; both MacOS 9.0 and OSX 10.0 and higher are compatible. It is available from the LifeGuru online store for an introductory purchase price of USD $9.95, a savings of USD $10 from the regular price.

Users can download a free trial version from the LifeGuru web site. Free technical support via e-mail is available during the trial period.

About LifeGuru, Inc.

LifeGuru, Inc. ( is a small software development company located in Pleasanton, California, focusing on developing affordable, refined, high quality software applications and tools for Macintosh and Linux.


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