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You are entitled to receive free technical support for SurfFast via email, as long as it is being actively developed; before it reaches its end of life. In addition, any and all product updates released during the first six months after purchase can be downloaded free of charge via the GuruClub area of this Web site.

On this page, you will find some resources that may help you better use and understand SurfFast, starting with where to download the latest version, followed by installation instructions and the Frequently Asked Questions:

Latest: v1.0 (Build 103)  (1.8 MB) Installation | FAQ

In addition, here are some of the current issues and problems with SurfFast that we are trying to resolve. If you are running into a specific issue, or have an enhancement request, please let us know, so we can work on implementing it.

Current Issues and Bugs:

No. Severity Component Description
SF1 2 Blacklists The blacklist auto-update mechanism crashes the SurfFast application intermittently with certain configurations.
SF2 3 Performance SurfFast will occasionally take a long time to retrieve content from the remote Web server, and manifests itself more on OS9 than OSX.
SF3 4 GUI Cannot delete multiple entries quickly from the filtering dialogs; have to delete one entry at a time, which can be a severe annoyance if there are hundreds of entries.
SF4 4 Request Handler Need to expand requests that contain partial hostnames, such as "yahoo" to "http://www.yahoo.com".
SF5 5 Cache Viewer Cache Viewer cannot extract directory hierarchies on the local filesystem.
Search Query:

My browser also blocks popup windows. Why should I use SurfFast?
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